Thursday, April 19, 2012

A sweet memory to be remembered

Long long time a the galaxy near near away....This story happened when I was still in school...heheehehe...

That day was the saddest day in my life (just that day ok!)..hahahhahaa...I lost my spirit to go to school because one of my classmates that I admired the most would change to another school.For the first time we are combined in one class after three years we are seperated from boys...hihihihihi....He got straight A's in PMR and would further his studied in a boarding school at Perak.I had known him since I was in Form 2.We always chatted but when we met coincidentally at school,we acted like we did not know each other.I was quite shocked to know that we were placed in the same class in Form 4.I was so happy.Every day I could not stop looking at him..hehehehehhee...

Before he went to the school,he promised me that he would give me Physics notes because I always complainn about the difficulties of the subject to him.Unlike him,I was not excellent in Physics (until now Physics is nightmare to me).Yet, I felt so dissapointed because the last day before he went to that school he did not come to school.Perhaps he was too busy making final preparation because he need to registered on the next monday.The last bell rang...Kringggggggggggggggggggggggggg......I walked slowly to my hostel.Suddenly,I ran into him.I just saw him from a distance.However, I was afraid too and shy to say good bye to him.Every his step I only looked with sadness and finally he leaved the school......( = _ = )!

On the next Monday,I was the happiest person in the world.I got the notes and he also wrote a letter to me.Guess what,It was the first time I received a letter from a boy..hehehhehe..but it just a letter to friend.He thanked me because I was willing to be his friend.He also wrote poems to share with me.One of them was an inspiration to me.Until now,the letter is keep properly in my diary...Now,we are lost contacts.. I don't know why..but I'll remember  him forever because we are friend once upon a time..Then,I hope we will meet again and I want to call you Doctor!hehehhehe..fighting..may Allah bless you always.. dia sajak yg aku nak share.1 dah laaaa...!!

Only friend of that class,are we?
Or friend of this earth -sure you don't understand a syllable of this mystery.
Simply I cut, am I your friend of sudden 
or a friend of your aspiration?
I'm in disbelief 
if you are my companion 
because I saw you flew away in my sleep,
My dear friend.,.,.,.,

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